Humanities Department



As a department, we prepare students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive and be engaged in a diverse, complex world.


The Humanity department comprises of three subjects namely:

  • History-311
  • Geography  312
  • C.R.E  313

The members of the humanity department met to discuss the performance of the 2016 KCSE candidates.

They also previewed the objectives of the department. From the discussions, the members came up with a plans on how to improve performance.

The meeting came up with plans to raise the mean standard score of humanity subjects to 8.0

By the end of the five year period.

The action plan contains the major steps and events that will be completed to achieve the results, persons responsible for completing each step, resources dedicated to each step and completion date.

As  a department we are ready to offer our best.



welcome to term two let us have the  best from the most  important resource we have that is TIME

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Principals’ Desk


I am enlightened to say that we have come up very well in our schools with God’s help and support from our wise …

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