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Kiburu sec school is a public boarding/day school secondary school registered as a three stream with a student population of 450 located in Kirinyaga west District.

The strategic plan outlined in this document was conceived out of the need for school improvement: There was consensus that the school required to reclaim its former glory and assert itself not only in Kirinyaga County but also in the national K.C.S.E performance.

Through a series of consultative meetings by teachers, students, the community, PTA, Board members & the Education Office the ground for writing this document was laid.

At the Board & PTA level, plans were established to improve the school infrastructure to support learning activities.

At the school level, departments met to establish their action plans for five years.

The students contributed through class & subject meetings; at the community level – Barazas were used to gather views.

The agreements which are incorporated in this document are that the school should become a leading edge in provision of quality learning and teaching and achieve a beacon status inline with its vision and mission. A philosophy was established that “Every child matters” – The driving force being to ensure that the school does not discriminate students on the basis of KCPE marks or any other ground. “Every child is teachable, hence every child matters.” The school endeavors’ to provide education for all in line with the EFA Goals.


welcome to term two let us have the  best from the most  important resource we have that is TIME

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I am enlightened to say that we have come up very well in our schools with God’s help and support from our wise …

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